Adventure Officiant

Adventure Officiant

Who They Are

An Asheville, NC-based but anywhere-bound wedding officiant who is always up for an adventure in travel and in love. Whether it’s a ceremony in the mountains, on a beach, under a waterfall, or somewhere in between, Adventure officiant is there to showcase the spirit of every couple’s unique adventure wherever it may take them.

Our Goals Together
  • To create branding that matches the adventure and passion of the owner and her couples. 
  • To design an aesthetic that feels uninhibited for weddings and couples meant for the wild.
  • To revamp social media posts so they are cohesive to the new and improved brand design.
What We Did

The Newbee

  • Branding
  • Mini Strategy

sweet words

You made my visions come to life and the words that I wanted to say sound sooooooo f*ing incredible.I felt like I was struggling to come up with a solid vision for my business. I knew what I wanted and how I felt, but I was struggling to make it all come together fluidly and yall CRUSHED that. I was damn near in tears. It’s fucking amazing. I’m now ready to share with the world, in a clear and concise format, my vision and what I bring to the world of officiating.
Vanessa Allen LaRotonda, Founder

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