Hotbox Fitness

Hotbox Fitness Nashville, TN

Who They Are

Hotbox Fitness is a Nashville Kickboxing and strength training studio founded with a holistic approach to fitness. With an open mind to wellness, life, and community, the HB Fitness team inspires individuals to find their realness and reach their true potential by redefining the standard fitness experience and celebrating out-of-the-box attitudes that positively disrupt the status quo.

Our Goals Together
  • To bridge the gap between their in-person kickass vibe with their one-off logo
  • To elevate the perception of their business with a strong supporting brand strategy and out of the box, bold messaging
  • To design and develop a website that empowers and encourages personal transformation
  • To design brand collateral that feels authentic and inviting
what we did

The Overhaul

  • Brand Consulting
  • Brand Strategy
  • Refined Typography
  • Website Design + Development
  • Retainer Honey-Do Days

sweet words

“Before we met with Andi, our business was having such a difficult time keeping our brand cohesive in all areas.”
“We were never truly making the most out of our marketing, social media, sales, website, operations…the list goes on. We knew we needed help, but didn’t understand how big of an impact going through the brand strategy process would have for us. It’s honestly changed everything about the way our company now operates. We now have a clear and concise message to our current and potential clients and have a much more clear vision for the future of our business. We have a message our entire staff and community can believe in, which gets us so much more excited to do what we do on a daily basis. The process was extremely smooth and we learned a ton throughout it. Andi was able to guide us along and help at the perfect moments where we stumbled, but she also gave us the space to let us be creative. It was great having someone get those words and ideas out of you that have always been at the tip of your tongue, but you just didn’t know exactly how to get it out. She set us up with extremely useful materials to help us keep this alive and on track. It has absolutely been a game-changer for us!”
Kyle Mims, Operating Manager

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