Houston Complete Communities

Houston Complete Communities

Who They Are

Every Houstonian should know their neighborhood matters. Houston Complete Communities‘ mission is to build one complete city from recovery to resilience by championing the voices of residents that have been ignored for far too long and offering every Houston resident the foundational resources needed to thrive. We work across private, public, and nonprofit sectors to collectively overcome economic, environmental, and equity challenges to transform Houston’s legacy into one everyone can be proud of.

Our Goals Together
  • To create branding that matches the progress made by HCCI and its partners
  • To design an accessible aesthetic that was unique as an initiative but had the ability to reflect each neighborhood independently as well
  • To revamp brand asset libraries (including typography, colors, and graphics) to improve receptivity and flexibility for continued use by HCCI and its partners
What We Did

The Overhaul

  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Strategy Workshops
  • Brand Asset Library Design
  • Website Consulting
  • Accessibility Improvement
A simple mockup of the Houston Complete Communities website on a split background with the city of Houston on the left and a plain gold background on the right.
A rotating GIF of the neighborhood icons and corresponding inspiration images for the HCCI icon set.
Two rows of 3 simple line icons used for Houston Complete Communities to indicate their initiatives

sweet words

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Honey Creative! Andi and her team has helped us build a comprehensive story and identity for our client by drawing on community-centered design, the initiative’s history, and its long-term vision. 
Throughout our engagement, Andi collaborated closely with our project team to support the development and presentation of a revamped brand identity. Feedback from various stakeholders has been overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to more collaborations in the future!”

Jan P. Maceczek, Associate at LDR Advisory Partners

Visit the full site online at houstoncc.org


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