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make it brave

Who They Are

Make it Brave is a podcast hosted by the talented and fearless, Laura Click, a writer, speaker, and founder & CEO of Blue Kite, a Nashville-based brand strategy agency. Laura started the Make it Brave podcast to help the movers and shakers of the world overcome their fears and find the courage to achieve their professional and personal goals. Each week she invites a new entrepreneur, leader, or creative, to have an honest and open dialogue about the fears that they conquered to find true success. Make it Brave is a space where listeners can be encouraged by authentic stories and inspired to live their lives more bravely to realize their dreams.

Our Goals Together
  • To generate excitement and bring awareness to the launch of the Make it Brave podcast through brand strategy 
  • To create lively visual assets to showcase the life and energy of the show while standing out in the saturated podcast market
  • To design custom illustrations that represent the courage of Make It Braves’ very own host and guests 
what we did

The Brand Overhaul

  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Collateral + Merch Design
  • Custom illustrations
  • Website Mockups

the result 

Honey Creative designed bold, stand-out brand visuals and custom illustrations with a strong supporting brand strategy to generate excitement around the launch of this courageous podcast and to capture to essence of the bravery of the host and guests of the show.

Episodes Recorded


Products Launched


sweet words

“Honey Creative is truly a valued partner for my business.”
“Andi and her team are innovative and strategic with their creativity. Her design chops are truly top-notch and she brings an incredible level of quality, dedication, and service to her work. And on top of that, she’s a joy and pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend Honey Creative enough!”
Laura Click, Owner

Visit the full site online at  to listen to the podcast and live life more fully.


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