The Enneagram Gift Guide

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As a 6 on the Enneagram, one of my biggest fears is being without support or guidance. While this means I’m often riddled with anxiety, it’s not all nail-biting and sleep deprivation over here. Yeah, on my bad days, I might be a little sus or expect the worst, but you’ll never catch me coming to the table unprepared. Your girl lives a few steps ahead, which means I’m anticipating problems and I enjoy troubleshooting the sh*t out of ‘em for my clients, friends, and family. This preparedness has actually been a driver of my monthly emails and a big part of why I like to offer freebies, checklists, tools, and templates here on the blog!

All that to say, I’ve got you, and I’m always gonna make sure you have a little honey in your back pocket to help get you through your biz battles. Now that the end of the year is here, I won’t leave you hanging on your holiday shopping list either. That’s right, hive, no more panic-ordering Starbucks gift cards for your co-workers on December 23rd because ya didn’t prepare in advance. 

Honey’s Enneagram Gift Guide is here! 

Please enjoy our analysis of the 9 Enneagram personalities and how you can wow each one with the perfect gift this holiday season.


Like Monica Gellar, enneagram One’s have mastered the Three P’s: being principled, a perfectionist, and purposeful. Because they thrive on practicality and are fantastic organizers, a good old-fashioned planner is their ideal gift! It will help them systematize their thoughts and calendars to make them feel accomplished and put together! Check out the Makse Life 2024 Planner collection


This caring, interpersonal type is generous, creative, and very emotionally aware. They have the biggest hearts but their nurturing mindset often causes them to put themselves last. Womp Womp. They desire to feel loved and giving them a gift that encourages them to take some time for themselves will not only help them prioritize their own needs but make them feel well taken care of. Give them the gift of Skincare to make them feel pampered. Or pick up a Spa Gift Card, because nothing says, take a little you-time, Honey, like a hot stone massage. 


Our success-oriented, pragmatic, friends, the enneagram threes, are driven, charming, and trusted amongst their peers. Since they tend to worry about their growth personally and professionally, send them a gift that helps them focus on their growth or that benefits their career-oriented lifestyle. Splurge on an Apple Watch to help with their efficiency. Or wrap up a Masterclass in a pretty red bow. They will love to learn how to cook like a chef, or level up their style from the best of the best! 


Creative, expressive, and highly individualistic, enneagram fours are proud of their unique spirit and artistry. A gift that celebrates their individuality will go far! Consider purchasing tickets to a concert or an art gallery showing. They might also enjoy the personalization behind Story Worth, a beautiful keepsake book that will help them capture and showcase their unique life stories. 


Picture Rory Gilmore, under a tree with a good book. She is the definition of an enneagram 5, right?! Cerebral and to herself, fives of the world like Rory value curiosity and observation. This passion for learning makes books and gadgets their ideal holiday gift. Go crazy and buy them a Kindle Paperwhite to combine their desire to learn with their interest in gadgets. 


It me, your highly committed, very trustworthy, empathetic, but slightly anxious friend. Gifts that offer comfort and consistency will resonate with their need for support. Win over the six in your life with a cozy weighted blanket or an essential oil diffuser. Offering them something helpful and comforting is a perfect gesture to say, hey, I get you and I’ve got your back.


Pack a bag, because number sevens are down for an adventure! Spontaneous, daring, and joyful, sevens are the perfect candidates for experience gifts. Think a Murder Mystery dinner or a Nashville Hot Chicken tour! If you really wanna amaze them, plan a trip (hello Airbnb gift card) and keep the location a secret. Deliver little clues or a scavenger hunt along the way! 


I read somewhere that Martin Luther King, Jr. was said to be an enneagram 8 and, honestly, it tracks. Empowering, decisive, self-confident, and always concerned with justice, eight’s are our fearless leaders! A fitness or boxing class is a great way to make them feel powerful and in control! If you’re local to Atlanta, try a class with our clients and friends at Vesta Fitboxing, they welcome all fitness levels, and make you feel like a part of their incredible community of baddies. Living in Music City? Hotbox, another Honey client, provides killer workouts that will leave them feeling a little addicted, and a lot more exhilarated!


Last but not least, our good-natured but self-effacing peacemakers. Number nines are always seeking balance and harmony. They tend to be modest and diplomatic but get caught up in prioritizing others over themselves to avoid conflict. Opt for gifts that foster tranquility and comfort. A calming candle like Bright Black Candles or Life Bloom Candles is perfectly relaxing for a nine or consider picking up some fuzzy socks to make them feel cozy. You can also pull from the Enneagram two gift list with a skincare kit or spa service. 

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