A box of matches with vintage typography that reads "Stop using the word empower, use these instead"

Words to Use Instead of Empower in Your Mission Statement

Nonprofits often use the word “empower” in their mission statements and messaging to describe their efforts to help people overcome barriers and achieve their goals. However, there is a growing movement in the nonprofit sector to shift away from the language of empowerment and instead focus on promoting autonomy and self-determination. In this blog post, …

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A woman sitting on a bed reading Profit First

How to Use Profit First

As much as I wish I could just design all day and never have to worry about the financial elements of business ownership, I know that if I want Honey to grow then I gotta get my head in the accounting game. With that being said, I’ve recently taken a hive dive into a book …

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Waggle – Small Business Resources

Did you know bees ‘waggle’ to communicate to their fellow workers they’ve found a good source of nectar? Sweet, right? Wondering why it matters? Well, besides the fact that it’s adorable, it’s also the inspiration behind Waggle, Honey’s small business resource library. Waggle is intended to communicate with clarity to hives like yours (non-profits and …

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