Dubsado vs. ClickUp vs. HoneyBook

Great CRM software is all about understanding your customer and their needs. You need to hear what they’re saying to learn what they want so you can respond effectively (and efficiently!). Choosing the right CRM can elevate your process and provide a top-notch experience for your customers from start to finish.

The best CRM (customer relationship management) tools can help you do just that. Today we’re looking at Dubsado vs. ClickUp vs. Honeybook! We’ll explain how they work, and help you decide which is best for your brand.

All About Dubsado


  • Robust 
  • Customizable 
  • Responsive customer service

Dubsado’s business management solution is all about efficiency. Its goal is to streamline the sales funnel, from onboarding clients to improving retention via questionnaires and custom forms.

Their all-in-one system offers great automated marketing services and has intuitive reporting and scheduling tools. It also supports numerous languages, making it great for outsourcing companies.


  • Complex
  • Not-so-nice interface
  • Expensive
  • Time tracking feature sucks

The drawback for small businesses using Dubsado is that its interface can be tricky if you’re not an experienced CRM software user. You can create amazing workflows and go really in-depth, but the options can be a little overwhelming for novices. It also is a bit expensive at $200/year.

All About ClickUp


  • Offer free for life option 
  • Interface is simple, with options for different styles 
  • Great for teams

ClickUp CRM puts its user experience at the heart of its offering. Its interface is simple and intuitive; options are nicely spaced-out, and the user isn’t overwhelmed with information.

This project management tool also prioritizes internal communication. We love this – clear workplace communication makes a happy hive! ClickUp has great tools for scheduling, collaborating on projects, and reporting.


  • Can get pricey for larger teams 
  • More project-focused than client-focused 
  • Proposals are lack-luster

What’s the catch? The service is priced per member, which means the more users you have, the more costly it becomes. However, starting at $5/user/month, is pretty reasonable in our opinion. 

All About HoneyBook


  • Great client-facing interface 
  • Awesome automations and workflows for onboarding  
  • Prettier proposals/contracts

HoneyBook client management software has all the automation features of Dubsado but in a more user-friendly package. Invoices, workflows, and payments can all be automated for a smoother customer experience – and what customer doesn’t love a smooth experience?

HoneyBook’s interface is well-designed and integrates neatly with pre-existing apps like Gmail and Zoom. It also offers great branding opportunities when you’re communicating with customers.


  • Limitations on project management
  • Only available in the US and Canada
  • Most expensive ($390/year)

HoneyBook is only available in the U.S. and Canada, so it’s less appropriate if you have a global team. However, for small businesses in North America, it’s got everything you want and need. 

Dubsado vs. ClickUp vs. HoneyBook – Which Is Best for What?

So, which CRM software is best for your business? Well…

  • Dubsado is great for businesses with global teams that want the best of both project and client management. If you’re an experienced CRM user, you’ll find a lot of joy here.
  • ClickUp is perfect for small, tight-knit teams and startups. Its focus on communication makes project management super-easy.
  • HoneyBook is an all-around top choice for small businesses in the U.S. and Canada that want a great client experience. It’s easy to use, has great workflow features, and integrates seamlessly.

The Verdict

So which would we recommend? Well, to be transparent, we’ve been using Dubsado for about a year now! It’s definitely made an impact, helping us streamline our onboarding process and allowing us to gain valuable insights into our customers’ experience. Plus, the ability to have automations to connect with our customer base has been super sweet! 

That being said, our recommendation really depends on your business. If you know yourself and your business, we have total confidence that you’ll choose your CRM software accordingly, and your customers will get to know the best version of you.

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