Types of Marketing Collateral You Need for Your Small Business

At the end of every customer journey, there’s a sweet pot of honey waiting. It’s what the customer wants to buy and it’s what you want them to find! But if you aren’t creating the right buzz around your products, they may just bumble away. And you know we can’t let that happen to hard working hives like yours.

So let us help you boost your chances of making a sale with a little marketing collateral 101! It’s the best way to keep your customers honing in on the end product. What is Marketing Collateral, anyway?

So glad you asked! Also known as business collaterals, marketing collateral are any type of media you use when promoting your services or products. Email campaigns, corporate newsletters, blog posts, you name it – you’re probably already using marketing collateral in some capacity. But, the real question is, are they being used to their greatest effect? 

Consumer demand for online marketplaces has made digital collateral a highly valuable resource for small businesses. 

Digital outreach campaigns should:

  • Educate the reader
  • Remind them of the core products and services you offer
  • Identify pain points and connect the customer’s need to your services
  • Use a strong CTA (Call to action) to seal the connection

The best part is that these materials are pretty inexpensive to produce. Plus, they allow consistent brand-building and can directly generate leads.

Honey, you need these in your life. Let’s get you started.

Business Collaterals You Need to Use in Your Marketing

There are endless types of marketing collateral, friends. You may even be using them, but if you’re not, it’s time for a change. The options below are designed for small businesses: 

1. Re-engagement Emails

Lost and abandoned carts are a massive cause of lost revenue for businesses. But don’t worry, automated outreach emails can remind customers how close they are to the honeypot! It just takes a strong CTA to get them right back to the final stage of their buying journey. Sweet, right?

Bespoke re-engagement emails are an extremely effective type of marketing collateral. The “abandoned cart” stage is critical, but you can use these for customers at any point in their buying journey (or even for past customers).

2. Landing Pages

Your landing pages should immediately show your customers why you’re their #1 choice. It’s about matching pain points to services, outlining your USP (unique selling proposition), and suggesting every reason to schedule service.

If your landing pages are unassuming and generic, your customers won’t in fact assume anything. Trust us, you’re gonna want to take this branding opportunity to keep the CTA in the customer’s sight at all times.

3. Blog Posts

You know we love a blog post here at Honey Creative and with good reason! Blogs are great for small businesses aiming to boost their online authority. If you’re not using your blog posts as marketing collateral, why not? There’s no better time to sell than when you’ve just proven your expertise.

Brand your blog and get those CTAs working for you. 

Using Marketing Collateral the Smart Way

So what are marketing collaterals best for?

  1. Engagement
  2. Lead generation
  3. Brand-building

The bottom line: this is a cost-effective, straightforward way to keep customers engaged in the sales funnel and lead them straight to the end goal of making a sale!

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