5 Engaging Non-Profit Marketing Collaterals for Maximum Impact

Mission awareness, donation increases, volunteer recruitment – these are some of the many important things non-profit leaders are constantly working towards achieving for their organization. Marketing efforts can play a big role in helping to achieve these goals, but marketing can cost a pretty penny. In fact, when nonprofits need to make budget cuts to account for the various aspects of their strategies, those cuts regularly come out of the marketing budget, and it stings.

Now we’d never want to start fires within your organization but here’s a question that’s sure to start an argument. Gather your hive and innocently ask them what the organization should be spending on marketing over the next year. Then sit back and wait for the fireworks to begin. We see this time and time again – organizations have no problem dishing out thousands of dollars to host a benefit, but when it comes to spending money on marketing, well, that’s just offensive. 

Consider this a flashing, yellow, caution sign! Don’t cut your marketing budget. Just don’t do it. If  you want your organization’s message and mission to be heard, effective marketing collateral with both great design and compelling language, is the best way to tell people why you exist and are worthy of their support. 

Honey’s Got Your Back with 5 Indispensable Marketing Collaterals for Non-Profit Organizations  

1. Brochures

You might think that brochures are a bit old school, but they’re still an important marketing tool for nonprofits. Usually, brochures provide a person their first glance at what a nonprofit organization is about. It’s like a description on your dating profile and your opportunity to make the best first impression, if you will. Make sure that your brochure contains compelling info about the organization’s benefits, the programs you hold, and more. 

2. Videos

In today’s marketing landscape, videos may be one of the most effective strategies. That said, it can be a bit pricey to produce a video for your nonprofit, but if you produce an evergreen spot that can be used for years to come, it’s going to be worth your investment. Post your video not only on your website but on social media platforms, too, so that they can be seen and shared by your audience! 

3. Flyers

Flyers work well because they’re perfect for when you want to send a message that’s short and direct, like if you’re promoting an event or announcing membership registration details. Flyers are usually just one page and are easier to design, so they’re more affordable than other marketing materials. Depending on what you want to achieve, the design can even be done in-house with a tool like Canva or even Microsoft Word. Of course, you can hire a pro to do it too. Hi, honey! ?

4. Newsletters

You can save on printing costs by investing in email software that allows you to make and send newsletters through email. Your newsletters can feature events you have planned and any news worth discussing. You can send one regularly (monthly or every quarter) to help you grow your network and make your donors feel more involved with the organization. 

5. Personalized Emails

Another great way to promote upcoming programs and events is by sending personalized emails. You’ll find that there are a lot of email service providers that offer templates for easy personalization. Microsoft Word’s email merge tool is an easy-to-use tool to use if you want to create something simple. The critical element here is personalization. Recipients are more likely to open an email with their name on it. 

Let Us Help With Your Non-Profit Marketing Collaterals! 

You don’t have to invest in all the marketing strategies and trends available in today’s market, but it’s important that you adopt at least a few of the collaterals mentioned in this post to gain the attention and interest of people who could help you with your cause. 

Nonprofit marketing is truly important for you to get more donations, more benefits, and in general, more awareness for your mission. 

Honey Creative is a reliable branding agency that offers expert services in marketing for nonprofits. Contact our team today and let us help your nonprofit organization achieve its goals

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