Should You Involve the Board in Your Rebrand?

rebranding process isn’t quick nor is it simple. In fact, it’s actually quite complicated. Rebranding requires deep thinking, investigation, time, energy and collaboration in order to create something that’s an honest reflection of your nonprofit or small business. 

It’s exhausting work! But it’s also exciting and thrilling – even more so when you prepare to introduce your rebrand to your community. As you prepare to put your thoughts to paper and review these new ideas at your next staff meeting, you may have someone ask, “Does the board have to be involved in this process?”

Should the Board Have a Say in the Rebranding Process?

The short answer is no, the board does not need to be involved in the rebranding process.

In essence, board members are great ambassadors for the brand, and they can represent the organization even with its new and improved identity. With that said, they’re not required to be part of the creative process. Their role is to set direction and make policy. They don’t make decisions about day-to-day operations, staff and programs – and that includes marketing! Branding, web design, renaming, visual identity work, and other digital activities all fall under the umbrella of marketing.

However, there can be a downside to leaving board members out in the cold when rebranding a company. As mentioned earlier, board members serve as great ambassadors of the brand, and because of this, they need to understand every detail and reason for the change. Without this knowledge, representing the organization can be difficult. So, how can your hive balance this out?

How to Include Board Members in Your Rebranding Process

The by-laws may not stipulate that your board is required to provide approval, however, that doesn’t mean you should leave them in the dark. In our opinion, successful rebranding is a result of inclusivity. By having the support of your board and cheering on your execution, well, that’s cause for celebration!

Here’s some helpful honey on how to keep your board members up to date on your rebranding:

  • Make Sure There’s Open Communication:There are some stages in the rebranding process where board members should be involved, so that the entire company is on the same page. This means that if you’re planning to change your business’ name, mission and vision statement, and even the tagline, the board members should be informed. Changing these statements is crucial to the company’s identity, so it’s best to keep them in the loop.
  • You Don’t Need Their Approval on Design Elements:
    When it comes to your logos, colors, web design, and such, these don’t need the approval of your board members. Instead, working closely with your branding agency when developing physical changes to your company is more important. However, it’s still crucial to share revisions with the members to get valuable feedback. 
  • Be Mindful of the Tools You’re Using:

    A big factor that could affect your hive’s rebranding process is the tools you’re using — whether it be for communication or design, such as social media or brand asset software. All of this can help provide you with better opportunities to empower your board and team to feel like they are a valuable asset in the process. 

Communication Among Your Team and Board Members is Crucial When It Comes to Rebranding

Although your board members don’t have to be 100 percent present throughout the whole rebranding process, their feedback and concerns are needed so you can incorporate smart changes in your company’s rebranding strategies. Not to mention, when your whole company is on the same page, it makes for a smoother transition as it empowers all members of your hive to grow and be aware of the changes in the company. 

Of course, working with a credible branding agency is crucial to ensure that all-important factors are considered to help take your non-profit org or small business to the next level. 

How Can Honey Creative Help Your Hive?

Are you looking for a reputable branding agency to help streamline your nonprofit’s rebranding process? If so, Honey Creative is here to help. 

We’re a creative agency committed to providing excellent resources, empowering non-profit organizations and small businesses to share their story and focus on fulfilling their mission. From rebranding to creating marketing strategies and content — we’ve got you covered. 

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