Canva Content Marketing 101 Guidebook


Honey’s easy-to-use Canva Content Marketing Guidebook helps you to create a custom, strategic content marketing plan for your brand. Don’t waste your time, we’ve done all the hard work for you!


Use the editable Canva Content Marketing 101 Guidebook to refine your content marketing strategy this year. This 23-page guidebook walks you through every step of your content marketing from identifying your target audience to helpful resources. And for extra support, back it up with our 5 Simple Steps to Creating a Marketing Calendar.

The Canva Content Marketing 101 Guidebook is an interactive workbook that’s flexible and adaptable for any business or nonprofit. Firstly, simply create a free Canva account to access the template. Then, follow along with examples to get you started in the right direction. Creating a content marketing strategy doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Often, it can be hard to set aside time or know where to start. But from start to finish, the Content Marketing 101 Guidebook helps you create a plan and stick to it. In addition, you can share your Canva template directly with internal team members to help onboard them. Plus, you’ll save time knowing you’ll have a game plan to fall back on to develop strategic content. Lastly, having a Canva Content Marketing Guide is helpful so you can edit it as you pivot without having to contact a designer when it needs updating.

We’ve designed this guidebook with you in mind!

  • This content marketing strategy guidebook features 23 editable pages
  • Sections include: Audit, Goal Setting, Target Personas, Content Strategy Tips and Ideas, Social Media Templates
  • 8.5×11 portrait design
  • Includes Free Google Sheets Content Calendar


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