Stand Up Nashville

stand up nashville

Who They Are

Stand Up Nashville is a 501(c)3 coalition that uses organization and advocacy to create government, economy and community progress for, by and of the people. Committed to improving public access to knowledge about policies, law and systemic inequity that are impacting our neighborhoods, SUN aims to create a more transparent political landscape so that Nashvillians are welcomed and inspired to take action in support of racial and economic justice in Nashville and beyond to make lasting, impactful change.

Our Goals Together
  • To design a powerful brand presence that highlights Nashville’s true potential as a model of justice and encourages community participation.
  • To develop a website and strategic messaging to empower the Nashville community to take action together in order to create lasting change.
what we did

The Overhaul

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Collateral 
  • Website Design and Development

the result 

Honey Creative designed a powerful visual identity, website, and strategic messaging to inspire a movement of community participation and action in support of racial and economic justice in Nashville and beyond.

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