5 Best Bars in Nashville

We spend our days  conceptualizing unique  designs for our clients, and every so often, we like to enjoy some local libations  to celebrate! And while there’s no shortage of fantastic nightlife in Nashville, we tend to frequent the places with aesthetics that wow us. Occupational hazard, right? 

We appreciate how design spans into all sorts of areas, not just on a website or in a brand logo. Design is just as important in spaces and experiences as it contributes to the overall experience and brand that the establishment is looking to portray. 

With that in mind, we decided to round up our list of the 5 best bars in Nashville that we feel check both boxes of a great, overall bar AND a visually appealing space supported by well-executed design. 

1. Old Glory

When you hear “former boiler room for an industrial laundry,” you may not think of an upscale bar, but trust us, this Old Glory makes it work. The space features the old coal hopper and smokestack, both of which were in use in the 1920s.

There are some tremendously high ceilings here, and they’re popular with local aerial dancing groups. And creativity extends to the menu- it’s constantly changing and features cocktails you can’t get anywhere else. There’s an extensive non-alcoholic menu, too.

2. The Fox

Located behind and under Niccoletto’s Italian Restaurant, this place gives off serious speakeasy vibes. Everything, from the wood and leather decor to their special bartending classes, feels like a delightful secret.

And the cocktail menu is just as fun! It features plenty of truly artisanal combinations but also ones that offer grown-up takes on more childish flavors. All in all, The Fox makes for an exceptional night out.

Because of the sheer size of their cocktail menu alone, it’s easily one of the best cocktail bars Nashville can boast.

3. The Fairlane Hotel

If you’re looking for something classic, you have to check out the Fairlane Hotel. The entire building is midcentury chic, and Ellington’s restaurant and bar fits the vibe to a T. In the summer, the 4th-floor terrace is the perfect place for a happy hour drink.

The food and cocktails stick to the classics, especially their happy hour menu. But good style never ages. Sipping a martini, eating a shrimp cocktail, and looking out over Nashville is always a good time.

Definitely one of the best bars in east Nashville, as far as we’re concerned.

4. Americano Lounge

Walk into Americano Lounge, and you might think you’ve walked into Weimar Berlin. Indeed, the decor here is straight up between the wars, and the premise is very European: a quality coffeehouse that also serves some top-shelf hooch. It’s a terrific place to go if some folks in your group don’t drink.

As you might expect, this place has an exceptional espresso martini. But don’t miss the other cocktails or the food! Where else can you order a panini and a fantastic drink?

5. Urban Cowboy Public House

Definitely one of the best bars in east Nashville, Urban Cowboy is all southern hospitality. Nashville cleans up pretty nicely, but sometimes you just want a beer outside at a place that doesn’t take reservations, you know?

Big tables, neon signs, and industrial lighting are the vibe here. It’s the kind of spot where you can’t help but make friends with the group sitting next to you. And if you get hungry, they make a perfect bar pizza.

Design, Design, Design

There you have it; even in our off-hours, we’re constantly thinking about design and style. We’re always on the hunt for new digs with great drinks and flawless decor. Let us know about your favorite cocktail bars in Nashville, and they might make it onto the next list!

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