6 Best Coffee Shops in Nashville

One thing’s for sure: at Honey Creative, nothing gets our creative juices flowing like a dynamic, inspiration-rich co-working space (and a first-rate caffeine buzz) at one of Nashville’s many fantastic coffee shops.

If you’re looking for somewhere to hunker down and grind out that marketing presentation you’ve been procrastinating while sipping on some fine, delectable coffee, here’s a list of some of the best coffee shops in Nashville to get your work done. There are many more, of course – these just happen to be some of our personal favorites!

1. Eighth & Roast

Though a neighborhood treasure, the original Eighth & Roast on 8th Avenue is a touch too snug for working purposes. However, their new location on Charlotte Ave is perfect for co-working and checking off the day’s honey-do list. Its contemporary feel resembles a creative office aesthetic with a large, open layout, floor-to-ceiling windows, and, as a bonus, roasting equipment that drenches the entire area in an irresistible coffee aroma. 

Eighth & Roast is especially ideal whenever you need total silence and concentration to meet your deadlines.

2. Frothy Monkey

Located in one of Nashville’s oldest neighborhoods, Frothy Monkey’s new The Nations establishment offers a roomy, light-filled space that is excellent both for solitary study and large co-working groups. 

Because they preserved the original structure, the Frothy Monkey building still features exposed brick, rustic windows, and lofty ceilings from when it was the Belle Meade Hosiery Mill, making it great for your aesthetic Instagram stories.

There are plenty of outlets along each wall as well, enabling students and employees to stay plugged in all day.

3. Honest Coffee Roasters

Within the L&L Market in The Nations is Honest Coffee Roasters. A number of food carts, tinier shops, a yoga class, and other establishments surround this contemporary, mid-century café.

Honest Coffee Roasters collaborates with diligent growers who produce premium, fresh coffee. It’s often frequented by university students who need a place to enjoy a cup of joe and hunker down.

4. Steadfast (Germantown)

Steadfast offers a terrific atmosphere, a large study area, and delicious cuisine that will tempt you to stay there all day and work. It features plenty of space for booths, two-person tables, and outdoor dining, as well as a nicely-lit interior with massive garage door windows. 

Due to the seasonal changes in the culinary menu, you’re also offered the option to try something new every few weeks. But the Atlas coffee is a staple and one you don’t want to skip out on, trust us! When you need a break from working or are ready to finish up for the day, Steadfast also happens to hold a happy hour for beer and wine from 4 to 6 pm.

5. Barista Parlor (Golden Sound)

Barista Parlour’s Golden Sound location is a brightly-lit space with light blue and white decor that’s ideal for completing those assignments you’ve been putting off for weeks. 

The coffee parlor has big communal tables and only serves food on the weekends, meaning that you won’t have to deal with the uncomfortable overcrowding of the lunchtime rush.

6. Pinewood Social

Pinewood Social is an excellent place for a casual meeting or study spot since it offers everything you could possibly want throughout the day. It’s a coffee shop, restaurant, pool, karaoke joint, bowling alley, and bar all at once. A perfect place to take study or mid-day work breaks if you ask us There are booths, big communal tables with lighting and power sockets, and comfy couches. 

Side note: The pool holds “dive-in movies” in the summer with complimentary popcorn and themed frozen beverages.

Check Out One of The Best Coffee Shops in Nashville Today!

Sometimes, your own home might not be an ideal place to get work done. These six locations merit consideration if you’re looking for a transformative space to finish your assignments and also happen to be a coffee lover.

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