Sweet Holiday Gifts for Entrepreneurs 

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We are in the season of extra-long honey-do lists and shopping makes for one of those pesky unchecked boxes. For us small business owners it falls below the pressing marketing campaigns, the mountain of year-end admin work, and our many client projects. But don’t worry, even if you waited until the last minute we’ve got you covered with a list of twelve must-have gifts that will make any entrepreneur feel holly and jolly. 

Our guide to sweet holiday gifts for entrepreneurs is here and it’s sure to have something for even the pickiest of your small biz friends, team members, clients, and network. 

Make ’em more money, honey! 💰

Profit First: One of my favorite biz reads to date! Loved it so much that I made a Google spreadsheet based on it! This worthwhile read by Mike Michalowicz will give your worker-bee buddies some practical tips and tricks to feel secure in their monetary choices and even help them put some extra cash in their pockets in 2023. 

Power their coffee habit… ☕

Ember Mug: Ok folks, this gift is my hot take. See what I did there. Puns aside, every single coffee lover needs one of these temperature-controlled mugs to get them through their hectic days with a warm cup of joe that actually stays warm!

Want a cheaper alternative? Check out these mug plates instead.

Set their schedules and their boundaries! 📅

Seamless Planner: This workplace well-being-focused planner leads with defining your core values and boundaries. It’s the perfect tool to keep you on track and aligned in 2023, which makes it one of our favorite gifts for small business owners. 

Fun fact, Honey was hired to do the design for this planner for our talented client @theseamlesscoach! This gift is extra special to us because we were lucky enough to play a role in making it come to life. This purchase also means that you’ll be supporting a fellow small biz and that makes us buzz!

Take some of the pressure off … 🍑

The cushion lab seat cushion: All that desk sitting is a real pain in the you know what. Alleviate some of the pressure on their hips, back, and bum with this seriously comfortable cushion. 

Up their water intake 💦

Soma Water Bottle: Hydration impacts productivity my friends. With a Soma Water bottle your team, clients, and network can track how much water they consume to see how it relates to improved concentration. 

Tune out their noise… 🎧

Airpods: Who doesn’t want a little noise-canceled quiet time to get stuff done? This one is a must-have gift for entrepreneurs!

Eliminate germs 🦠

Well-kept screen wipes: You don’t want to know the kinds of bacteria that can collect on your electronics. Good thing a well-kept wipe goes a long way in eliminating dirt and grime. Give your friends’ phones, computers, and tablets a clean little refresh for the new year.  

Spruce up their desk! 🪴

Desk Plant: An instant mood, concentration, and creativity booster for your hard-working bestie. 

Feed their brain… 🧠

Podcast subscriptionEducation, information, and entertainment broadcasted right to their ears. They can listen to their gifts and feed their brain while designing, driving, walking, cooking, or taking care of the kiddos. 

Protect their vision! 🤓

Blue light glasses: Prevent eye strain, enhance sleep, and eliminate headaches for your friends. Plus, they will look extra stylish and brainy for their meetings!

Light a fire under them! 🕯️

Anecdote Candles: These funny candles are the perfect way to inspire some light and laughter in their lives. 

Dress them up 💃🏽

Nuuly Clothing Subscription: Andi has been renting from Nuuly for quite some time now and she can attest to its fun and festive impact on her closet. Now that Nuuly is offering gift subscriptions it’s the perfect gift for anyone who wants to get creative with their wardrobe. Whether your giftee wants to rent something creative for day-to-day, something flashy for a holiday party or photoshoot, or something business casual for an upcoming meeting, Nuuly allows you to try different trends sustainably and look good doing it! 

Bonus idea: Donate to a cause in their name 🎁

Many of the organizations we work with send an honor card when you make a donation in someone’s name. Here are a few that we love to work with and support. Stand up Nashville, EverFree, Raise the Roof Academy, and MOVE Inclusive Dance. 

What Do You Think About These Gifts for Entrepreneurs?

After reading this guide to our highly recommended holiday gifts for entrepreneurs and small business owners, we hope you were able to find something that is the perfect fit for the biz-savvy person in your life. 

Happy holiday shopping, honey! 

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