How to Measure Brand Perception

Every brand wants to lead the way in delivering quality products and fantastic customer service right?. Of course! However, these days, it is no longer enough to simply have a stellar product if you want to please and retain your customers. To truly satisfy and meet their needs, brand competitive analysis and brand audit projects need to be done to measure a company’s brand perception.

Many businesses assume they know how their customers feel about them. After all, if you are in business for yourself it’s because you believe you have a great product or service to offer, so of course you think your customers will feel the same. It’s for this reason many companies tend to inflate brand perception, believing it to be more positive than it really is. We know that might sting a little, hive, but we’re going to help ease the pain. Let’s break it down a little further.

Your brand perception is what your customers think about your product or service, not what you believe it is. Read that again. We’re not saying that your belief that your brand is high quality, modern, honest, elegant, etc. is untrue per se, but we are saying that every time a customer interacts with your brand, whether they’re purchasing a product, reading, or writing a review, talking to your customer service team, or sharing feedback via word of mouth, a perception is being made. So if you want your brand to uphold your belief that it’s honest and high quality then all of those brand touchpoints need to measure up. 

Brand perception involves putting your customers at the center of your company’s growth strategies. Taking your customers into account will help a company achieve significant growth over time and impact your bottom line. So, what makes your brand different? This is where open text feedback comes into its’ own.  

Let’s  dive into the importance of brand analysis surveys and how to measure brand perception to make sure that your brand is as sweet (honey reference intended) as you believe it to be.

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How Can Brand Perception Be Measured?

The most effective way to measure and understand the buzz around your brand perception is to conduct surveys. They are both simple and painless to do, so customers with an opinion (both good and bad) can respond to targeted questions and say what’s on their mind.

A successful brand perception survey will: 

  • Identify motivations and emotional drivers, needs and functional expectations, and purchase triggers.
  • Provide insight as to category perceptions, purchase frequency, price sensitivity, information/inspiration sources, and channels for discovering new brands.
  • Make marketers aware of what the competitive landscape is like.
  • Help the marketers get to know their target market better.

How Businesses Can Take Advantage of Survey Results

Survey results help businesses understand how customers think and feel about their brand. Moreover, these results will help with other marketing efforts as you’re receiving valuable unbiased and objective information that can help you make important decisions about your business and its offerings. 

Here are 4 common ways your hive can utilize survey results:

1. More Accurately Targeted Marketing Efforts

Marketing efforts can be made more effective because businesses will have a better understanding of the people they are trying to sell their ideas to. Surveys will provide insight as to what customers prefer and what they dislike, making businesses able to create better and more effective content to attract customers’ attention.

2. Improved Product Positioning

Surveys will also help measure the success of a marketing campaign and provide a detailed understanding of how their products are currently positioned in the market. These results will help businesses decide whether to keep their present strategies or if adjustments need to be made.

3. A More Accurate SWOT Analysis

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Customer surveys will help provide more information about these four aspects of your business. Business owners and marketers will be in a better position to analyze the internal and external factors that affect these aspects and come up with more effective marketing strategies and tactics. 

4. Profile Your Target Audience

Having your customers fill out surveys will allow you to get to know the specific demographics of the people who patronize your products. Having these boots of information will make businesses better able to predict their buying behaviors and attitudes toward marketing efforts as a whole. 

How is Your Brand Perceived?

Putting your customer at the heart of what you do will surely get you far. The key is gaining proper insight into what your customer’s buying habits are, their preferences and what they expect. Having a good understanding of how your customers think will help you tweak your products, marketing strategies and brand according to what will work best for them. At the heart of understanding brand perception will be creating detailed surveys that will help you make the necessary tweaks and changes to satisfy your customers expectations.

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