Must-Have Business Mindset Honey Hacks

Mindset matters, and though we’re probably not the first to inform you that a positive mindset is essential to growing your hive successfully, we might be one of the few to acknowledge that it may not come naturally.

Think about it, we have to fight off some pretty tricky feelings in order to find and embrace positivity. Fear, comparison, and limiting beliefs, are often the first line of defense, but we have to overcome those barriers to attain our goals. Here at HC, we see a lot of brands being held back by these kinds of mindset challenges, and we’ve even been there ourselves, but we’ve learned a few ways to beat the negativity along the way, and we want to share them with you.

Here are our 8 must have business mindset honey hacks to help your hive thrive!

1. “The Limit Does Not Exist”: Mean Girls quotes aside, stop limiting your own success.

  • Avoid limiting self-talk
  • Stop calling yourself just a freelancer or just a solopreneur, you own a business 
  • Get away from the comparison trap. This one is so easy to slip into but honey, comb through on a biweekly or monthly basis of accounts that no longer serve your interest or inspiration on social media.


2. Ask yourself, is this supporting the life I want to create? visualize the day-to-day rather than just the big picture.

  • What does your morning routine look like in five years? 
  • Start to think about the lifestyle your business will allow you to have


3. Work smarter, not harder: Delegate and be decisive.

  • Automate – The easiest to dip your toes into! Try off-loading scheduling with auto-posting schedulers like Planoly or Facebook Content Creator (S/O to @aprilrosemeisner for the recommendation that IG prioritizes this over third-party apps!) Or research industry-specific admin tools like calendly for meetings, dubsado for client management or kindful app for nonprofit CRM.
  • Find Interns – Reach out to your circle for help with tedious tasks that eat up a lot of your time like social media engagement or other junior-level positions. 
  • Find Part-time help – Not as intimidating as it sounds! Start off small by outsourcing those tasks that always seem to fall down your list, just a few hours per week.
  • Hire Professionals – Hire a pro for short-term, high-quality help for things that feel out of your wheelhouse like social media consulting, design (o hey!), bookkeeping or other services.


 Build a colony: Surround yourself with other badass bees.

  • It’s crucial to have a supportive community, if it’s a virtual one, that you can trust, look up to, and turn to for advice when the going gets tough. 


5. Don’t fall in a honey trap: Be cautious. Mentorship is great, but not everyone is meant to be a teacher.

  • With so much access to every webinar and website out there, it’s good to look through a lens of slight skepticism when searching for a mentor. They’re incredible when you find the right fit, but be weary of the social media influencer turned ‘educators.’ 


6. No days off: Try for ‘no more zero’ days rather than 24/7 focus.

  • A long time ago I read this idea of a non-zero day, on reddit of all places. The basic philosophy is that you strive for no zero days–days “when you don’t do a single thing towards whatever dream or goal that you have.” That’s not to say you won’t have down days or days when your motivation is low. Days when it’s 11:57 PM and you did nothing during the work day toward your biggest goal. The system ideology is that you do one thing to move the needle forward. Meant to send an email but didn’t get to it? Open up your browser. Wanted to write a blog post but couldn’t find the time? Open up a new document. Because one thing is greater than zero. Productivity progress doesn’t happen overnight, it happens through consistent non-zero days!


7. Be grateful: 
If comparison is the thief of joy, gratitude is the giver of it! 

  • Ok this one sounds like an obvious one but when you have a bad day or when you get an email that makes you want to flip a table, be grateful. Be grateful you’re afforded the opportunity to set out on your own. That you have the ability to control your actions, your decisions, but that you can’t control everything and everyone.  


8. Get out of your own way: You’re the only reason you’re not earning more.

  • This might come as a surprise and perhaps a bit harsh, but you are your own greatest limiting factor. Sure there’s the market and your audience and a million other aspects that contribute to the big picture. But if you’re in the service industry especially and complaining about how little you make, you are the reason why. You set your prices! Hello! Want to earn more? Charge more! With purpose and intention of course, ya gotta walk the walk and talk the talk before raising your rates but improving your process, learning new skills, and differentiating yourself from the competition are all things YOU have to offer and can be in control of.


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