3 Nonprofit Brochure Copywriting Hacks That Encourage Donations

When you’re writing content for your nonprofit brochure, there’s no doubt that your work is worthy: Your words support services that raise money for cancer research, feed children, end factory farming and so many other missions that are making an impact. . 

You care passionately about your mission, which means writing effective copy should be pretty easy, right? And of course, there’s no way your audience would choose not to take action once they understand your organization’s mission! 

Here’s the thing (and brace yourself because we’re not going to honey coat it), your audience doesn’t care about your cause. Harsh, right? But it’s true. Human beings, although good intentioned are self-interested – they have their own distractions, concerns, and a mission of their own. This makes it unrealistic for them to fully adopt your mission. But, there’s good news! You don’t need to convert your audience to your worldview in order to get them to support your cause – you just need the right content that makes them feel something in a way that will benefit them by bringing meaning to their life. 

If you’re using brochures as a fundraising and donor communications tool, you can’t afford to spend precious time and effort drafting a request for support only to hear crickets. You need donors to be moved to give. 

Nonprofit Brochure Copywriting Tips That Can Pack Your Words With a Much-Needed Punch!

Tip #1: Spark Interest with a Catchy Headline 

You could spend hours crafting impressive content, yet no one reads it because no time and attention was spent developing an enticing headline. If you’re anything like us, you’re a busy bee and your time is valuable. That’s why we as readers often scan headlines first to see if we want to read on. 

Without a compelling headline that turns a browser into a reader and a reader into a donor, the rest of your page may as well be blank! 

Here are a few tips to writing a catchy headline:

  • Keep it simple – don’t overthink it or try to get too fancy.
  • Use numbers – our brain is drawn to them for some unbeknownst reason!
  • Embellish and entice – use a sense of urgency to draw readers in, such as “What You Must Do Before You Die”

Tip #2: Hyper-Target Your Audience 

Powerful content should resonate with a specific audience; that’s why it’s best to laser-focus your copywriting by talking to your target market. Try to steer clear of generic, one-size-fits-all copy. This will cast a wide net that hooks few readers, which will ultimately dampen the impact of your message. 

When you get to know your audience and talk to them in a way that relates to their interests, behavior, and buyer persona, your copywriting will hit its mark better and push them to your desired action plan. Be it to incite potential donors, volunteers, and everything in between, having a clearly defined market allows you to write a stronger piece with clear intent.

Tip #3: Tell Heart-Moving Stories

A brochure that aims to inspire people to join your conversation needs to be persuasive, but it’s only possible to encourage readers to follow in your suit if you have a strong narrative to share. A story is something anyone can relate to, giving them a more colorful depiction of your message and expounding on the images you use to boost your outreach campaigns. 

Think of stories as the heart of every copywriting, one that gives life to your ads in more ways than one! 

The Bottom Line: Copywriting Plays a Huge Role in Elevating Your Message

Marketing today now plays around with different mediums, mixing various art forms to create a powerful campaign that’s compelling in every way. From illustrations, motion graphics, GIFs to other interesting channels, quality ads take form in dynamic ways. But if you strip away all the visual flair, the most important element in every captivating promotion is copywriting.

While brochures are a more traditional marketing tool, they can still be just as effective in generating results for your campaigns, especially when it has engaging copywriting to encourage your readers to learn more about your product, service, or brand. 

How Can Honey Creative Help With Your Nonprofit Brochure?

There’s truly no denying that running a non-profit business is complex. Besides ensuring you’re producing the best products and services for your market, you also need to ensure that you’re hitting all your business objectives that support your mission. 

Thankfully, Honey Creative has you covered in this department! We’re a creative marketing agency that can provide helpful and creative resources, allowing you to create your brand story and establish your space in the market. 

From creating your brand identity to conducting brand analysis and streamlining social media efforts to creating annual reports — we’re your one-stop shop in this department! Learn more about how we can help you with your non-profit brochure today!

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