3 Things to Consider to Smash Your 2021 Goals

Smell that? It’s the fresh scent of anticipation—a mix of emotional outbursts, all the burnt sourdough bread we tried to make, and hope for what the new year will bring. Keep these 3 things in mind and you’ll be ready to tackle 2021!

More so than ever, businesses have high expectations and big plans for 2021. And rightfully so! I think most can agree 2020 was no less than a Nicholas-Cage-movie-level dumpster fire.


But hold on, Ghost Rider, before you put your pen to paper, here are 3 things you might want to consider to get you on the path to success this new year:
1. Life Gets in the Way

This seems like an obvious one but Jess Lewis, Life Coach, Honey Creative client, and Owner of Knockout Print Shop, says this is the number one reason why goal-setters fall off the bandwagon. They don’t account for life or allow flexibility to adjust accordingly. Your car will break down, a project might go up in flames, and the world might run out of toilet paper again but this shouldn’t mean giving up entirely. It’s important to give yourself mental space to handle what’s right in front of you while still keeping your sights set on your overall goal. 

2. You Can’t Keep ‘Adding’

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘something’s gotta give,’ and the same could be said for your hopeful habits. Of course everyone wants to earn 6 figures, workout 5 times a week, and volunteer on nights and weekends but being realistic about what you’re able to take on is crucial for habit-tracking success. 

“You can’t add more things to your day, still expecting to get the same amount done,” Jess says. “You have to make a decision to get rid of things before you add on.” If you’re hopeful to start meditating every morning for 15 minutes, that 15 minutes of doom-scrolling on social media in bed has got to go. Want to start a blog for your business? Maybe try delegating or hiring an intern to help out if you’re already rolling at full capacity. 


3. One To-do Might Actually Be More Like 11

A major key to totally crushing your goals is to get granular and detailed. Really evaluate your to-do lists and determine if your singular checkbox should really be several to get you to the finish line. Check out Knockout Print Shop’s List Makers to start breaking down your larger goals into smaller, more manageable milestones. 


nother helpful Honey favorite for task mastering are to-do planners like this one from ban.do or a good old fashioned notepad like this one from Etsy. A huge thank you to Jess Lewis for providing her insight used to write this blog! Check her out on IG @jessica_m_lewis and @knockoutprintshop for planning tips and life hacks.

If you’re still stuttering to start or stuck smelling the empty Target aisle of 2021 calendars, check out our post on 5 Steps to Create a Marketing Calendar to get your biz started and download your FREE 2021 Content Calendar.

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