How to Create Scrolling Website Mockups in Canva

Ever wanted to show off a website you designed? Or how about let your users know how to access a page on your site? Here’s a simple way to feature your site on your socials using this fancy (but super easy!) tutorial on how to create a scrolling website mockup using Canva:

Below is a step-by-step guide with easy to follow GIFs for how to create scrolling website mockups. Check it out!

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Step 1: Download Awesome Screenshot extension for Chrome, screen record and scroll the web page you want to capture, save file as an mp4

Step 2: Create a new design in Canva, search for Laptop in Elements

Step 3: Upload your screen recording and drop the the Frame, adjust as needed

Step 4: Adjust background color, add other elements. Download as mp4!

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