What is Brand Power, and Why is It Important to Your Business?

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Creating a buzz around your brand name is every business owner’s dream. How hard can it be?

We’ll level with you– it takes a lot of work and a lot of luck to become the next Coca-Cola. But the power of branding works for businesses of all sizes, and with the right strategy, it could bee your route to success!

What’s In a Name?

The most popular brand names are ubiquitous. They’re a byword for the product they represent. Let’s illustrate the point.

  • Who searches for information? No-one. You Google it.
  • There’s an app for that! Wait – “app” is short for application, right? But it sounds mighty like “Apple,” and that’s no coincidence.
  • Fancy a dip in the Jacuzzi? Wait – this is just an off-brand hot tub! Said no one ever. Jacuzzi also makes toilets and mattresses (weird but ok).

But isn’t it just that these brands are the best at what they do?

Kind of, and not quite. Let’s dig deeper.

A Quick Case Study in Product Power vs. the Power of Branding: Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, and the World’s Best Hazelnut Ice Cream

So… this might sound strange at first. What do hazelnut-based products from Tuscany, Italy, have to do with your business?

Patience, honey; it’s a case study!

Read on to discover the difference between a powerful product and a beloved brand name – and why your business needs both.

Florentine Gelato Alla Nocciola: Raw Product Power

Ever been to Florence, Italy? If you have, you must have tried gelato alla nocciola (hazelnut ice cream).

Most people don’t remember the name of the gelateria where they tried it. But no other hazelnut gelato will ever compare.

The brand is forgotten. The product is legendary.

That’s raw product power – but your business needs more.

Fun fact: While hazelnut trees are typically wind-pollinated, bees love them! As they flower in January and February, they’re an irresistible early pollen supply. We stan hazelnut trees.

Nutella: Brand Power

Nutella is a popular chocolate spread from a company based in Tuscany. There are similar, cheaper off-brand spreads on the market, but people keep buying Nutella. Why?

Because you know what you’re getting (and it’s good!)  Why take the risk? It’s worth paying extra for – that’s the power of branding.

But you still want your product to be the best on the market.

Ferrero Rocher: Brand Goals

Ferrero Rocher is a luxury confection from the same company that makes Nutella. Note that the branding is completely different based on the target market!

The confection’s unique design and high-end, bulletproof packaging have made it a household name associated with the finer things.

Its taste and texture are unique – this is raw product power. The branding is memorable, giving it lasting brand power.

Your brand needs to hit this sweet spot.

Creating a Buzz Around Your Brand Name

At Honey Creative, we’re all about helping companies with top-notch products transform their business into wildly successful brands.

Don’t act like a hidden treasure when you deserve to be the jewel in the crown! We’ll combine your raw product power with the incomparable power of branding and turn your business into an industry legend.

Let’s get started!

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