6 Lessons I’ve Learned in Business

There’s a lot I wish I could tell Honey six years ago. Like a lot. I’d write her a letter to tell her it’ll be ok, you can cry if you want to when your inbox is full and your bank account is empty. That I’ll be here through the ups and the downs to support her along the way, no matter what. But most importantly, I’d tell myself 6 lessons I’ve learned in business. I’d bold them, bullet ‘em, tape a sticky note to my forehead. In the interest of being supportive to my clients, friends, and followers, I’d like to share em’ with as many other small businesses as possible too.

So here we go!

My 6 Biggest Business Lessons Comin’ in Hot…

Lesson No. 1. Trust your gut

It’s ok to turn people away because you got a bad case of bubble guts on the consult call. There’s a reason this happens! Your instinct is telling you they aren’t the right fit.

Me to me: It’s called a red flag, ya dumb dumb.


Lesson No. 2. Working on your business is just as important as working in it.

Stop feeling guilty for prioritizing your sweet self over client work sometimes. It’s ok to close your inbox.

Lesson No. 3. Saying no or not now does not make you a terrible business owner.

It makes you a smart one. (Refer to number 1). Saying no or not now is saving you and them. If it’s not a good fit, they’ll be just as miserable as you are.

Lesson No. 4. Dream brands are NOT dream clients.

Brands can’t send you emails or stop paying invoices. They can’t appreciate your effort or call you to check in—people do! Choose who you work with because you enjoy who you interact with, not because you’re excited about their brand.

Lesson No. 5. Your worth is not in the value you provide.

Say it loud for those in the back. Leave on for 2 minutes. Rinse. Repeat.

Lesson No. 6. And lastly, some people are just assholes.

And it’s not your job to make them kinder humans. Look for the goodness in people but if they ain’t got the secret sauce? See ya next never.

Bottom Line: Thankful for the Lessons Learned in Business! 

I’m SO incredibly grateful for the clients I’ve had, the talented people that have helped make it all happen, the mistakes I’ve made, and the business lessons I’ve learned. I hope that one or all of these lessons might allow another small business owner to avoid a misstep!

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