Waggle – Small Business Resources

Did you know bees ‘waggle’ to communicate to their fellow workers they’ve found a good source of nectar? Sweet, right? Wondering why it matters? Well, besides the fact that it’s adorable, it’s also the inspiration behind Waggle, Honey’s small business resource library.

Waggle is intended to communicate with clarity to hives like yours (non-profits and new-bee entrepreneurs) about exactly how we’ve strategized with brands for 7 years. You’ll have access to quality, nectar aka vetted resources for small businesses that will help you transition from chaos and confusion to confidence and clarity in your brand.

Waggle is a no-BS guide to get your brand buzzing! It’s an (entertaining) online resource library of bite-sized modules that walk entrepreneurs through practical business skills, offer resources that save time and money, and share tangible step-by-step directions that help elevate your brand!

What can you expect to learn from these business modules, you ask? Well, lemme break it down for ya, honey!

Biz Basics

  • How to choose a business name
  • Setting up your business
  • Initial expenses to consider
  • All the sh*t I wish someone had told me before I started a business

Brand Strategy

  • What does strategy even mean?
  • How to craft your mission, vision, and values
  • How to identify your target audience and communicate to them

Design 101

  • Design tips 101
  • Program basics
  • Accessibility in design
  • Canva setup and tips

Content Marketing

  • Basics of content marketing
  • Creating a content calendar (that is actually useful)
  • Getting started with email marketing

Small Business Resources at Your Fingertips Marketing

So, if you’ve ever felt alone, unmotivated, or unsure while ALSO being super ‘whelmed with the internet and every insta-fluencer peddling their course to ‘six figs’ this might be for you! If you also like to laugh as you learn, enjoy a quality GIF, and don’t mind a curse word or two then Waggle with us, won’t you?

Preview Honey’s resource library Waggle here!

bee on a yellow flower close up


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