Custom Fonts: The Ultimate Business Flex

“Custom” is such a magical word. Why? Because it’s synonymous with special, unique, and different – and who doesn’t want to be all those things?! 

As humans, we naturally crave individuality and exclusivity. Having the freedom to “customize” our life allows for self-expression – from the clothes we choose to wear to the furnishings we fill our home with. Surrounding ourselves with belongings which are unique and representational is a great way for us to communicate who we are and what makes us stand apart from others. Your brand is no different, honey!

Every brand and business has a distinct look, enhanced by the fonts they use for their logo and general communications. Think Netflix with their cinematic font, LinkedIn with their clean and business-like font meant to convey professionalism and Coca Cola with their overly stylistic script font. 

Custom fonts are the ultimate business flex. For some people, it might seem unnecessary—at least until you’ve finally built up an image and reputation. But isn’t that the whole point? Why wait until you’ve hit it big before getting a custom font. Do it as soon as you can and see how well it works out for you!

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If you’re still on the fence, here are a few reasons why you should consider custom fonts:

1. Extend Your Logo and Brand Design

Branding plays a massive part in your business’s success. You want to make sure that people know who you are, what you can offer, and why you’re the best. One of the tools you can use to attract people and showcase your brand is your logo. 

It should be impressive and representative of everything the company has to offer. What if you could extend that effect? While it might not be immediately apparent to all your audiences, it’s worth considering custom fonts as a way to provide a unique experience. 

Customers, users, visitors, and more are interested in what’s different. Even if they don’t notice what’s different about your brand right away—the custom fonts—they’ll remember that it was different. Personalized fonts are subtle but effective at having an impact.

2. It Provides Consistency and Quality

Speaking of experience, consistency is key. This still plays into extending your branding as a whole. Consistency and quality are critical to establishing your brand and strengthening your overall image. 

It makes a huge difference if you can provide the users with more than the typical experience they’re used to, down to the finest details. Custom fonts allow you to maintain the experience for the audience and ensure that your brand design is top quality and consistent throughout.

3. Offers Better Control and Flexibility

Brand design is subject to change and improve over time. There is a 50/50 chance that a company’s visuals will look nothing like how it started or it will have changed in subtle but significant ways over time. Custom fonts offer you better control and flexibility whichever way you end up going.

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Stand Out and BEE Better From the Rest!

If you want to take your design in unlimited directions, allowing you to create more expressive designs, custom fonts are the way to go! Visuals and experience are key in driving shoppers towards a brand. As long as you can communicate your offer well and through high-quality assets like custom fonts, you should be able to achieve your goals.

Honey Creative is a digital marketing agency that aims to provide creative resources that make your stories easier to tell. Our main goal is for your company to achieve its purpose and mission by boosting your marketing efforts and amplifying your message. If you are interested in custom fonts for your brand design, contact us today!

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