Defining and Discovering Your Target Audience

If you want your non-profit or small business to be successful, you probably want to cultivate as many new customers as you can, right? Seems obvious so it’s no wonder so many organizations believe it to be true! They try to get the buzz out about their brand with as many different people as possible thinking that the wider the reach, the more potential customers they’ll get.  But what if we told you that if you don’t hone in on a specific target market, you might as well shout your message into the void? It’s a total buzz kill, honey, but it’s true. 

Someone, somewhere once said that if you try to sell to everyone, you’ll end up selling to no-one. If you’re not speaking to a specific group of people, there’s a good chance your message will get lost in the unfocused noise. But, there’s hope! Enter, targeted marketing. 

Defining a targeted audience allows you to focus your message on the market most likely to purchase or utilize your products or services. Learning how to identify that audience ensures that you can take your brand to market in the most cost-effective and efficient way. Ready to get started?

Who and What

The question of who and what can be challenging to answer, but it doesn’t have to be. Before your company can even get started on product development, you should already identify a need for it in the market. People deal with all sorts of needs on a day-to-day basis. As a result, they rely on various products and services to make their days easier. 

What you need to do is identify the gaps that need to be filled. For example, say you run a bridal boutique. Your target audience here could be women ages 21 to 40, who are single but in the wedding-planning process. They love to shop and read blogs about interior decorating, clothing, beauty and do-it-yourself crafts and weddings. They are typically college educated, have jobs, and spend most of their social networking time on Facebook and Pinterest. By narrowing our audience as closely as possible and focusing on one segment at a time, we can better decide how to communicate our message to give prospects exactly what they’re looking for. 

That is the value of the who and what of your target market.

Why and Where

The answers to why and where are supplementary information that can help to support your who and what. Of course, as mentioned earlier, it’s not productive to cast your net too wide. That results in talking to no one effectively. Oof, that’s not what ya want! You want to create ads and content that will appeal to a particular demographic. 

The who and what helps you to identify your audience and create better content. Meanwhile the why and where provide you with more information that can help develop strategies and devise tactics. 

Depending on your company, whether local or international, location will be essential in implementing your strategy. Each market also has its reasons for needing certain products, and that’s another thing that can help narrow things down for you.

Find the Right Target Market For Your Hive Today!

Casting a net that’s too wide will only cause your hive to miss the mark. When you’re too focused on pleasing everyone, you fail to market to those who will value your products. There are levels of importance when it comes to the people you market. You must remember to prioritize those that need and want your product.

Focus on the purpose of your product or service—what and whose needs are you fulfilling. This will help you see clearly how to market your products or services effectively to the right people. Once you’ve identified your target market, you can implement a campaign that will not just boost your sales but your reputation as well.

Honey Creative is a digital marketing agency that aims to provide creative resources that make your stories easier to tell. Our main goal is for your organization to achieve its purpose and mission by boosting your marketing efforts and amplifying your message. If you are interested in learning more, contact us today!

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