3 Reasons to Make Use of Branded Social Media Graphics

Branding your social media graphics matters big time for your business. There’s a common saying that “a picture is worth 1,000 words”. A picture is also worth a lot more likes and shares on social media with the right strategy! 

Social media content is heavily centered around visually appealing graphics. Therefore, there are many advantages in which branding your graphics can benefit your business.

Consider using custom branded social media graphics if:

1. You Want a Consistent Social Media Feed

If you’re a beginner to social media marketing, you’re probably still learning the ropes around it. Pro tip: consistency is key! 

Consistency refers to content, timing, and voice that effectively communicates your brand identity and influences brand perception. If you’re having problems finding your brand’s voice on social media, perhaps graphics can help.

Implementing graphics into your content will soon help the audience recognize your brand and its personality. Your content will become more known and anticipated, effectively standing out as a familiar face in your audience’s social media feeds compared to other brands.

Every impression with a user offers an opportunity to deepen your relationship with them so ake the chance to create a unique and engaging experience. For rookie marketers, know that repeat experiences influence a user’s ability to remember your brand. You got this, honey.

2. You Want to Boost Your Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is a vital part of every brand’s marketing but there is no denying that the Instagram algorithm is a little confusing sometimes. In bee’s terms, it kinda stings because it’s a total challenge to understand its ever changing landscape. That being said, despite its mystery we can typically rely on quality imagery and branded graphics to help increase engagement! Posts that hit higher engagement rates, including likes, comments, and shares, are rewarded by social platforms like Facebook with a broader organic reach. This is why you should aim for more engagement as a small brand.

Moreover, posts with bigger engagements indicate that you’ve caught your audience’s interests. The more engagement you receive, the better connection you form with your followers. 

Like we said, visual content is a typically one of the fastest and easiest ways to guarantee attention

Posting feature photos or any visual content makes up 93 percent of the most engaging posts on social media sites like Facebook. While sourcing good-quality photography or video for your social media feed can be expensive and time-consuming, you should supplement these visual assets with custom-made graphics. 

3. You Have a Story to Tell the Audience

Social media graphics provide an incredible opportunity to humanize your brand and form an emotional connection with your customers. Using branded graphics to share inspirational quotes that convey your brand’s values is one of the many ways to go about it. 

In addition, you can utilize social media graphics to share your brand story with consumers and give them a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes. You may even create a simple infographic relevant to your brand shared through a visual and engaging manner. Whatever your story is, social media graphics are an excellent way to share it.

The Wrap

Social media graphics allow brands to communicate their personalities and engage their audience effectively. Utilizing visual content like branded graphics can boost your engagement and expand your customer base. If your interest lies in custom-designed graphics for your brand to inspire engagement among your social media communities, you can hire a creative marketing agency for the job.

At Honey Creative, we make designs that help your hive thrive. We provide creative resources that make organizations’ stories easier to tell so you can focus on fulfilling your mission. 

Whether you’re new to the small business game or an established fifty-year-old nonprofit, Honey Creative has got you covered with a dynamic, experienced skillset and attentiveness that is promised and proven to help you reach your goals creatively and beyond. 

Your brand deserves a powerful presence, so you can share your narrative and amplify your impact. Get in touch with us now for effective and reliable social media marketing services! We look forward to being an extension of your team!

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