Story Types Your Organization Needs to Communicate to Succeed

Marketing is something that’s found everywhere we look, whether we realize it or not! While there are some marketing strategies that are so painfully obvious to sell a specific product, more well-constructed marketing uses well-crafted storytelling to help audiences relate and appreciate the brand more. Of course you’d rather listen to a story than feel like you’re being sold to! 

Good storytelling is a great way to showcase what your brand is all about. And you certainly don’t have to be an award-winning screenwriter or Charles Dickens to craft a good story. Meaningful stories can be woven into your marketing and non-profit communications that will help your causes gain the traction and attention they deserve. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate storytelling and use it for your marketing efforts, you’ve come to the right place! 

Top Storytelling Methods to Help Build your

Nonprofit Marketing Efforts:

1. Talk About a Work in Progress

Why wait for your outreach or impact projects to finish when you can post updates on the progress of your projects as they happen? This will give your audience an idea of how the story you’re telling is unfolding in real time. Not only will sharing about your work in progress help people understand the background of your cause and why your organization is motivated, it will also earn the trust of your donors knowing you’re making good on your promises with their gifts. 

2. Personal Stories to Raise Awareness

Many beautiful stories can be shared by people who have already experienced the positive effects of your work. These stories can be shared as testimonials to how much your organization has touched and impacted the lives of your community. Sharing these personal stories will help spread awareness about your campaign and why more people should get behind it.

3. Use Multiple Platforms

Share your stories by using various social media platforms. Putting snippets of your story in…well your IG Story or as different social media posts will allow you to direct attention to your website to get the bigger picture. This will help generate interest in the cause and also encourage people to visit your website to gain more information. Double whammy!

4. Focus on the Efforts Your Organization Is Making

Storytelling that is carefully and subtly woven into your marketing efforts will help you make your audience and supporters understand your point of view as a nonprofit organization. These stories of success and social work will help them see the reason why your brand is making an effort to support such causes and why they matter in every capacity, from big donors to small time volunteers. It’s crucial to also be honest about the inner workings of your organization. So if something goes awry or perhaps a project didn’t perform as well, be truthful and set out a plan of action to right the ship. 

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Start Communicating Your Story!

In many ways, non-profit rebranding may only seem like it’s about the visual, front-facing aspects of your organization like your logo or website but it’s just as much about your messaging! It might seem tedious and extremely overwhelming to get consistent on language, voice, or core pillars but if you use the right mediums to tell your story, you’ll be able to reach your audiences and build meaningful, lasting connections. Storytelling will yield results that no other type of marketing tactic will.

Now that you are equipped with the information on how to help your organization’s causes be seen by the people who matter, you will be able to walk away with more awareness on how to construct a solid storytelling marketing campaign.

Whether you need help seeking support for your cause or if you need help with your non-profit rebranding strategy, Honey Creative can get ya there! Our goal as a studio is to provide creative resources that make non-profit orgs’ stories easier to tell so that they can focus on fulfilling their mission. Get the best in marketing for nonprofits by contacting us today!

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